Want the Best Employees? Start Paying More Competitive Salaries

When you are looking to fill an open position, you always want to find the best candidates and entice them to work for your company. If you have employees who are at the top of their field, you want to be able to retain them and help them feel satisfied with their role within the organization. One way to find and retain the best employees is to offer competitive salaries.


It isn’t always easy to find good employees, especially in a low unemployment market. When you have an open position, you can attract people who are currently employed if you offer a competitive wage. You will be able to lure employees away from your competitor and fill your organization with staff who will be able to increase productivity and quality of service to your customers.
As you build a reputation as being an organization that offers a competitive wage, candidates will come to you in search of an open position and you will be able to create a database of potential employees for any job openings your company will have in the future.


Once you hire candidates who are at the top of their respective fields, you will be able to retain them and improve their job performance by offering a competitive salary. When you offer a competitive wage, you reduce stress. When employees are able to pay their bills and afford childcare, transportation and other job-related expenses, they are able to focus more on work and less on how they will be able to afford to go to work.
An employee who receives top wages for their field is less likely to see their job as something they have to do and are more likely to enjoy coming to work. They will be more productive, more engaged and more committed to your organization so they will be less likely to leave your company if a position becomes available with a competitor.

Not Just About Wages

An initial salary that is competitive in the industry does increase the chance of recruiting top candidates. However, there are other ways to offer a competitive salary than just starting wages. There are also job performance incentives, stock options and competitive benefits that will increase the pay an employee receives for a specific position. The incentives that will attract top candidates vary based on the industry, so you may want to research the top companies in your field to see how they attract and retain their employees.
Understand what constitutes a competitive wage for your industry takes research and a willingness to try different hiring strategies to determine what is the best fit for your organization. At Job Store Staffing, our experts know the salary ranges for their respective industries. Contact us to receive assistance in creating a pay structure that will attract and retain the best employees.

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