You need to create a good first impression to have a successful job interview. From the moment you step through the door to the final handshake, every gesture you make and every question you answer will be analyzed. Use body language and a well-prepared elevator speech to create a perfect introduction in order to maximize your first impression.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

The interviewer will begin their analysis the moment you walk through the door. This means your posture and stride have to exude confidence, honesty and openness. Walk straight with your head up and your shoulders back. Make eye contact, but don’t hold it too long. Your strides need to be moderated so that each step is two feet apart from your last one.

Don’t Look Away, but Don’t Stare

As you shake hands and take a seat, you need to look at the interviewer without staring them straight in the eye for too long. You want to practice looking at different parts of their face for a second or two then back to eye contact so that you make the person feel you are being honest but don’t make them uncomfortable.

Take a Seat with Confidence

You should sit back all of the way in the chair you are offered. Don’t slouch or slump your shoulders. As you begin to speak, lean forward slightly to show you are engaged in the conversation.

Hand Movements with Palms Up

Experts recommend you use your hands when you speak during an interview. You should keep your palms up as much as possible. When you keep your palms up, it shows honesty and engagement, which the interviewer will notice subconsciously during the conversation, and will help create a good first impression.

Have a Prepared Elevator Speech

The term elevator speech is used to describe how you answer three main questions: Who you are, what you do, and why you are a good fit for the organization. You need to be able to answer this question in the time it takes to ride an elevator to the next floor. This is a lot of information to convey in 30-60 seconds, so you need to be concise and make a good impression.

In order to create the perfect elevator speech, you have to be specific about your career path and the position you are looking for. You need to explain how your skills and accomplishments are relevant to the job you are applying for and how they will benefit the organization. Practice this speech until it is second nature to you and fits within the desired time limit.

People form opinions based on conscious and subconscious signs and observations. When you create an aura of confidence and honesty, people will notice your body language and begin to form a positive first impression. If you reinforce this impression with a great elevator speech and engaging body language, you will maximize that first impression and land the position you are seeking to advance your career.

If you are struggling to perfect your elevator speech or want to brush up on your interview skills, contact us. Our staff at Job Store Staffing can help you create a positive first impression for successful interviews and a more fruitful job search.

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