Employees who are engaged and committed are more productive and satisfied with their jobs and the company. They are less likely to take time off and more likely to stay with the company instead of leaving to work with a competitor. If you are looking to help your staff feel they are contributing members in your organization, you need to apply these three key strategies.

Open Communication

One of the keys to improving job satisfaction among employees is to help them understand they have a say in how they contribute to the company. Engage your department in regular conversations about what they feel is working and what isn’t. A person who is in customer service can tell you what your customers’ top three complaints are with your product. An employee in the warehouse can let you know of potential problems with the way the organization handles inventory.

By encouraging open communication with employees, you show them you value their experience and their ideas. When they see the company enacting one of their ideas, they will work harder to ensure the idea is a success and become loyal to the organization.

Management Improvement

Some areas of improvement may focus on the job performance of management. All employees receive job performance reviews and often management will receive feedback from their superiors. What about feedback from the people in your department, since they have a different point of view and may see areas of improvement upper management might miss.

If you are promoting communication within the organization, it can’t stop at potential new products. Communication also has to include how employees think management is doing, and they should feel comfortable expressing their opinions without fear of reprisals.

Employee Improvement

In addition to asking employees how they feel the company is doing, and how they feel about management, managers need to find out how the employee feels about their role within the organization. Perhaps the individual feels they lack an important skill in order to increase job performance or want to accept a bigger role in the department. Don’t just assume the employee is satisfied with their career. Ask them what they need to improve and how the company can help them become a better employee.

When you communicate with employees and use their feedback to improve the organization, you are creating a work environment that allows individuals to take an active role in the company’s success. When people feel they have a stake in something, they are more likely to help make improvements and work with the organization. If you are looking to improve your company’s culture and environment, then contact us. We can help you outline company goals and find candidates who are a good fit for the company’s new culture to increase engagement and commitment.

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