Are You Overqualified But Want the Job? Here’s How to Get It

Sometimes you see the perfect job for you, but you feel you may be overqualified for the position. Perhaps it is because it is for a company you have always wanted to work with or you are looking to change career paths. Being overqualified can often be as disconcerting as being underqualified, since employers may fear you won’t stay with the position. If you are determined to apply for a position you know you are overqualified for, you can use these guidelines to land the job.

Explain Why You Want the Position

Don’t try to hide your qualifications in your application or downplay your abilities in the interview, you aren’t doing yourself or the interviewer any favors. Instead, be honest about your over qualification and the reason why you applied for the position. No candidate is a perfect match for a job, and if an employer feels you will stay with the company and be an asset to their department, they may hire you for the position.

Still a Lot to Learn

Just because you have specific skill sets, it doesn’t mean you have learned all there is to know about your chosen career. A position you may be overqualified for in some areas my help you learn new skills you haven’t had the opportunity to develop in your previous positions. If you explain this to the interviewer, they will see that you will be challenged in the job, and this is an opportunity for growth.

Learn About the Company

You may have experience in the position you are applying for, but you don’t have experience working with specific companies in your area. If the company you are applying for is the best in your field, you may be willing to take a lessor position in order to get your foot in the door and learn about the organization. Explain your long-term goals and how their company would help meet those goals.

Future Growth Opportunities

Some organizations are known for promoting from within. If an organization doesn’t have an opening at your level, but is hiring for entry-level positions, you may want to apply for a lower position so you can work your way up. This will prove you are seeking to stay with the company and prove your value to them when other positions become available.

Leadership Role

You don’t have to be a manager to be a leader. If you like to mentor people and lead others in your career, a low-level position may provide you with this opportunity. Companies value employees who are willing to take the lead and guide others. If you can show how you have discovered leadership roles in previous positions, then you will reinforce this idea to the interviewer.
Often taking a position you are overqualified for can be a leap forward instead of a step back. If you can show your potential employer why you value the job opening, it will overcome their fear that you will only hold the position temporarily while you seek employment elsewhere. If you are looking for a new position or a career change, then contact us, your leading recruitment agency in Aurora, Denver, Broomfield, and Colorado Springs. We can help you find the job that is the perfect match for you career goals.

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