There is no better time than the New Year to look back on what hiring practices have worked well and consider new practices to implement in the coming year. Hiring is one area where there is always room to improve and try new techniques that to increase your ability to find the best candidates. Consider these hiring practices as you move into 2015.

Focus On Mobile

Increasingly, job seekers rely on smart phones and other mobile devices to search for jobs. Update your website to make it responsive and your online application and search to make them mobile-friendly. Currently employed candidates choose mobile so they can find and apply for jobs on breaks, lunch or while commuting. Sometimes entry level employees with no regular access to a computer do own smart phones.

Expand Your Working Hours

Reach out to candidates in the evening or on weekends to increase your chances of reaching those who are currently employed. The inability to job search during the working day makes it challenging for employed job seekers to look for new opportunities. Going out of your way to accommodate them can offer you access to highly qualified talent.

Re-think Your Job Descriptions

When you post jobs, think about what the candidate wants, not what you’re looking for. Treat the posting as a marketing piece focused on attracting your target audience – the ideal candidate. Use active voice and speak directly to the reader. Share the kinds of challenges you face and how he can help you to solve them. Make them feel like they will be a valued part of the organization. Before you write, think seriously about what the position needs to be going forward, not what it was previously.

Reach Out To Millennials

Millennial candidates – those born between 1982 and 1994 bring a wealth of talents and ideas to the workplace. They are creative, flexible and tech savvy. Tailor your efforts to find and attract them. Leverage social media to reach them, offer flexible scheduling and provide access to the latest technologies.

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