If you are someone who believes that ethics and integrity are essential to the workplace, then you need to be able to demonstrate these traits during a job interview. However, these characteristics aren’t always easy to prove and definitions vary among different people. How can you stand out by showing you have the type of ethics your potential employer is looking for?

Do Your Research

It is important that you understand the company before you apply to an open position. This will allow you to create a custom cover letter highlighting your skills and background. It will also help you understand what the company values in terms of job performance and customer service. Then you can gather the information you need to prove you have similar values.

Customer Letters

When you were working at other companies, did you receive letters from customers praising you for excellent service? If so, then you will want to keep all of these documents so that you can show them to hiring managers during an interview. If you have provided excellent customer service at other organizations, then managers will know you are a person who values ethics and integrity.


Part of your responsibility as an employee is to keep your skills up-to-date and understand your industry. That includes any government regulations. If you have taken courses or received certifications in your industry, then you will want to provide a record of these during an interview. Being proactive in industry research shows you take pride in yourself and your job performance. This can go a long way in proving you have integrity.

Leadership Roles

Even if you haven’t held a management position at a past organization, you may have performed team leader duties or spearheaded a specific project. If you had a leadership role in projects that revolved around compliance issues and regulations, then this is proof you will adhere to regulations in your next position.

Have Your Answers Ready

Most hiring managers will ask questions during an interview that revolve around ethics or integrity on the job. They often ask how you handle difficult customers, if you have ever had to report the unethical behavior of another employee, or how you would handle a scenario at their company. Know how you will answer these questions before you go to the interview. You may even want to write down the points you want to cover and bring the notes with you. Managers will see you are serious about the position if you care enough to bring notes and you will make sure you offer a complete answer.

Organizations value ethics and integrity in their employees. Proving that you are an ethical person should be as important to you as proving you completed your bachelor’s degree or received a promotion. Collect proof of your integrity during at each job you hold so you can provide tangible evidence of your integrity at an interview. Do your research before you apply to a company and have your answers prepared when you head into an interview. This way you will be able to prove your ethics to a potential employer and improve your chances of winning the position.

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