Technology is changing rapidly, and if you want to maintain an efficient workplace, your company needs to keep up. If your organization isn’t using cloud technology, social media, and mobile to leverage efficiency, then you may not be able to preserve a competitive advantage in your market.

Cloudy with a Chance of Flexibility

The cloud has become one of the most vital tools in today’s business. Companies can store and share information with customers, vendors and satellite offices. You can also use the cloud for customer service management, sales, repairs other activities that require real-time updates.

Backing up vital data to the cloud will protect it from loss due to technological failure, theft or acts of nature. Companies that offer back-up service offer real-time updates, fast upload and download of data, and version restoration if a document is lost or corrupted.

Working with the cloud will allow your company to work quickly and efficiently, with employees having up-to-date access to customer information. You can also offer customers access to their information so that they can see their account history, billing information and previous customer service calls.

Offer Transparency with Social Media

Social media has become more than just a way to tweet to your customers about new products or sales. People want instant access to a company when they have a question or a problem. They don’t want to wait for standard business hours, and they don’t want to have to wait on hold for the next representative.

Social media customer service is a way to handle customer issues online while improving branding. When your company is willing to answer questions from individuals on a public forum such as a social media site, then you are proving to the market that you value your customers.

Offering social media customer service also allows your employees to handle more service calls and increase first contact resolution. If you include email, online customer service and service via phone, then you are leveraging your call volume while offering your customers more contact options.

Mobility Equals Adaptability

With the proliferation of mobile devices in today’s market, companies need to adjust to new forms of communication. More people access company websites with a smartphone or tablet than they do with a laptop or desktop. If your website isn’t mobile accessible, then you could lose potential customers.

Most consumers who are unable to access your website from a smartphone are less likely to return to your website. First-time buyers will go to your competitors, and you could lose repeat orders from current customers. By creating websites that are accessible from mobile devices, you are increasing your sales potential and your ability to convert leads into customers.

During work via the cloud, adding social media customer service and making your website accessible via mobile devices are three ways you can improve efficiency by upgrading your technology. Becoming a tech-savvy workplace will also attract premium candidates and improve your chances of filling open positions.

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