Ways to Build Your Reputation Online

We have all seen them – those social media stars who have a huge number of fans/followers.  They are influential, authentic, consistent, engaging and create useful content; their online reputation is stellar.  When they tweet or post, people listen – and respond.  They are seen as the “go-to” experts in their field. They have successfully… Read More »

How to Tell Your LinkedIn Job Search is Working

It’s easy to invest a lot of time and effort into online networking.  Literally hours of your day can be spent trolling through LinkedIn for contacts and fine-tuning your profile. But, like everything life, this time spent comes with a cost.  Is the time you are spending on LinkedIn worth it?  How can you tell if… Read More »

Engage Your Colorado Workforce and Improve Productivity

According to a study by Towers Watson, it is likely that only about 35% of your employees are highly engaged in their work roles.  Twenty two percent feel unsupported by management, and 43% were either disengaged or fully detached from their company and/or job. However, employee engagement is of paramount importance a company’s success. Towers… Read More »

Is Your Résumé Recruiter Ready?

Can you send me a copy of your résumé?  Employed or unemployed… if you have received a call/email right out of the blue from a recruiter, you want to explore any/all possible career opportunities. What do you do if your résumé is so old it doesn’t even include your current job (or the one before… Read More »

Colorado Politics: Denver Leaders Pushing For Job Growth

Denver is growing!  It is not only Denver that is primed for growth, but all of the municipalities that make up the Denver metropolitan area.  In January of this year, local mayors met up and decided on some key areas they planned to focus on in 2013. These ranged from economic development initiatives that can… Read More »

Specifics to Look for in a Job Candidate’s Social Profile

Social media profiles can tell you a lot about a job candidate. Approximately 91% of recruiters use social networking sites to research and screen prospective employees.   Almost 7 out of 10 recruiters have reported finding something positive on a social media profile that caused them to hire the candidate, but over 2/3 of employers rejected… Read More »

Being Unforgettable to Employer

If you’re like most job seekers, you follow a set routine when looking for a new job.  You network and check online job postings.  When you locate a job that you are interested in, you write a targeted cover letter and enclose it with your résumé.  You then research the company and practice for the… Read More »