5 Things You Can Learn from a Difficult Boss

The bad boss – we’ve all had them, or at least heard stories. Some bosses are overbearing, others fail to give credit, and still others are just ineffective managers. While dealing with a difficult boss is never easy, there are some good ways to approach. Along the way, you can learn some valuable lessons that… Read More »

Colorado Oil Estimates Sky Rocket (And So Will the Economy)

There is more good news when it comes to the economy and job market in the Denver area. According to recent estimates, the Denver-Julesburg Basin may be capable of producing more than 4 billion barrels of crude oil. The number may be as high as 4.6 billion barrels, and is expected to only rise in… Read More »

Turning Your Duties into Resume Accomplishments

Putting together a resume is about selling yourself. Too often, resumes read more like a list of duties than a list of accomplishments. The difference between the two is big. “Planning events,” is a duty. “Managing all aspects of a large thousand-person charity benefit dinner,” is an accomplishment. Duties only show prospective employers what you… Read More »

5 Tips for Prepping your Staff for Temp Help

Bringing on a temp worker can be a great way to maximize productivity or assist with a particular project. It can also be uncomfortable for permanent workers, who may feel like their job and position are threatened. By taking certain steps, you can eliminate these concerns and help make the arrival of temp workers a… Read More »

5 Thing to Do After Accepting a New Job

Congratulations, you’ve accepted a new job! It’s a huge, exciting moment. Celebrations are certainly in order. Once you have gotten over the initial excitement of saying, “Yes!” here a few things to do before starting the new position. Talk to your boss. As soon as your plans are finalized, you should make a point to… Read More »

Denver Ranks as one of the Best Places for Female Entrepreneurs

According to a recent study, Denver is among the best cities in the country for female entrepreneurs. Consumer website Nerd Wallet recently released a list of the 20 best cities for female entrepreneurs and Denver took the number 7 spot. The ranking included the 50 largest cities in the country. Here is a look at… Read More »

3 Questions to ask During an Exit Interview

Exit interviews can sometimes seem like an uncomfortable requirement for employees heading out the door. Getting useful information out of exit interviews can be difficult as people about to leave may not care or may not want to burn bridges by giving honest feedback. But when done right, exit interviews can yield valuable information that… Read More »

Job Store Staffing® Celebrates 40th Anniversary!

As we celebrate our 40th year in business, our organization would like to thank our loyal customers and employees. Your partnerships, dedication and hard work, have made us the company we are today. History Job Store Staffing® is moving into the next 40 years of business in Colorado with our new logo and branding, new website, technology upgrades, and a… Read More »

3 Tips to Go from Temp to Hired

Some people may be hesitant to take temporary work because of the uncertainty and possibility of landing full-time work somewhere else. The truth is, taking a temp job can be one of the best ways land full-time employment. You get the chance to meet employers and prove that you can succeed at the job, giving… Read More »

Tips for conducting your job search in the Spring

When it comes to finding a job, there is something to be said for timing. Companies tend to hire more people during the first few months of the year, making this a prime time to apply for jobs. As the months go on and the weather gets warmer, hiring tends to slow as employers shift… Read More »