How to Write a Great LinkedIn Recommendation

Everyone needs to know how to write a great LinkedIn Recommendation. It helps others, but also reflects well on you.  If you know how to write a fantastic Linked Recommendation, you are in a better position to help others write great recommendations for you.
The problem is that many think view the actual writing as a long, drawn-out process.  It does not have to be.  Put some perspective into the process. You are not writing War and Peace.  Keep it short, sweet and simple.  Remember, you want your words read.  Limit your recommendation to 5 sentences and use action words with simple sentence structure.  No run-on sentences or superfluous descriptions.
Here are five more tips to a great recommendation:

1)      Start Strong.  Anyone who writes for a living can tell you how important the first line is.  It needs to grab attention and make the reader want to continue – well – reading.  The same is true for a LinkedIn Recommendation.  This line should focus attention immediately on what a great person the recommended is.  Avoid trite and generic phrases.

2)      Describe your relationship.  Provide context on how you know the person.  This should include the reporting relationship, what you might have worked on together, and the length of time you have known each other.  You do not need to provide an overwhelming amount of details – LinkedIn provides titles and company name in your Recommendation – but it is important to let readers know why you are qualified to make the Recommendation.

3)      Share a key trait.  Instead of providing a laundry list of admirable traits, focus on one or two things that the person is better at than most.  These points do not need to be simply characteristics that you think of yourself or discover while trolling through the person’s LinkedIn profile.  If your relationship warrants it, ask the recommended if there are any key traits or points that you should cover. This is especially relevant if the person is trying to transition to another type of job / role / position.

4)      Personality counts.  Being a good match is not all about skills.  People want to know what the person is like to work with.  So tell them.  Provide some specific, genuine insight on their personality and work style.

5)      End Strong.  The last line of your recommendation is key to.  End your recommendation is a line that is extremely clear the value you place on the person

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