Many job seekers believe that their accomplishments are not quantifiable.  This is not the case.  Quantifying your achievements help you highlight how you enhanced profits and/or saved time and money.  Most (if not all) companies value workers who do one or the other.

Numbers Rule…

One of the best ways to quantify an achievement is through numbers.  Numbers jump out of the paper.

There are three ways to do this – through amounts, dollars and percentages.

  • Amounts:  Numbers give context. On your résumé, quantify the number of tasks/assignments you have done, the number of people you managed, the length of time you spent at each assignment, etc.
  • Dollars:  Add dollar signs to your résumé to show how much your work benefited your employer.  Think in terms of increasing revenue or cutting expenses – both help profit margins.
  • Percentages:  If the dollar amount seems small, use percentages.  Percentages are also useful as comparison points – for example, comparing your actual performance to stated goals or to co-workers’ performances.

The goal is to show the value you brought to your past employer for the amount of time you were there.  However, do not make up numbers.  Keep a record of how your determined your numbers and be prepared to back them up in an interview.

When Numbers Do Not Work…

Your accomplishments are diverse and so are the ways to quantify them.

For soft skills, the task is a little more difficult.  Make a list of all your “soft” competencies – ability to meet deadlines or to collaborate effectively with others or communicate complicated ideas, etc.  Then go through your memory bank to find a time where those skills made a difference.  Note them on your resume.

In addition, testimonials can be used to help quantify your soft skills.  If a customer (either external or internal) thanked you for your help, ask them to send you a note or email.  You can then use that during your job search.

You can also quantify your results by the projects you were assigned, the trainings you conducted or the number / types of presentations you gave.  All of these indicate success at your past jobs.

Do not wait until your job search begins to look back and try to figure out your quantifiable achievements. If you wait until you have left your employer, you will not have access to the needed supporting documents.  Keep track of your achievements as they happen…not years after they happened.
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