How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Build a Talent Pool

When using LinkedIn to search for job candidates, your goal should be to find

  • the best people
  • the people not looking for you
  • the people your competition has not found yet.

Most recruiters understand the basics of sourcing people via LinkedIn –  a good mix of candidates, ability to validate information, the ability to quickly connect with others…no matter the geography.
However, you can also use LinkedIn Groups to source talent and build a talent pool.  By starting or sponsoring a group, recruiters can:

  • Build long-lasting relationships with customers.
  • Gain exclusive access to an audience of professionals.
  • Raise awareness and position themselves as thought leaders.

LinkedIn Groups is the most powerful aspect of LinkedIn.  By building and promoting a group, you can target and engage with potential candidates. As the owner of the group, you are immediately seen as a knowledge leader (until proven otherwise).  This perception can be reinforced by the quality content you (and your team) shares daily and the number of candidate questions you answer.
Being able to centralize your talent pool in a group will be helpful for everyone. Your candidates get daily content and immediate customer service through the group and you are able to reach candidates with the ease of LinkedIn groups.
However, the benefits are LinkedIn Groups are much more expansive.  There are 5 more things to keep in mind:

  1. If you build a Linkedin group, do not give it the same name as your company or recruitment arm – unless you have a powerful employer brand.  Build a group around a topic – HR, Healthcare, Corporate Communications.
  2. Besides “owning” a group, you can join up to 50 groups on LinkedIn.  This means that you can send messages directly to other members of the same group – without using up your InMail allotment.
  3. If you are recruiting for a particular niche, start discussions in industry groups and see who responds in ways that indicate they have the knowledge and skills that your clients may be interested in.
  4. Do not simply post jobs.  For a group to attract passive candidates there needs to be content about the market, the people or current news events.  Groups are for discussions and relationship- building…not to be used as another job board.
  5. Wait until your membership numbers have reached critical mass before you send out invites.  Having 50+ members makes a much better impression to un-initiated users.  Build your membership by first inviting your team, your co-workers, your family/friends and your current clients.  After everyone has obliged who is going to oblige, then go public with your group.

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