Winter Activities in Denver, CO

Are you thinking of relocating for work this Winter? If so, you should consider moving to Denver, CO. The Mile High City offers virtually endless winter activities that fit everyone’s interests. Although the area is popular for skiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding, there are indoor activities to engage in as well. Discover the winter activities in… Read More »

Emerging Trends and Technologies in Financial Management

Adapting to emerging trends and technologies in financial management impacts how companies do business. This includes offering new products and services and opening up to new markets. Understanding the latest emerging trends and technologies in financial management helps your company’s leadership team decide which ones to follow and implement. This provides greater diversification and a… Read More »

What Are Accounts Payable vs. Accounts Receivable Jobs?

Accounts payable and accounts receivable show a company’s cash flow. They measure revenues and expenditures to optimize profits and track the company’s financial health. Accounts payable records document money owed to a business. In contrast, accounts receivable records document money owed to the company. Understanding the differences between these accounts and how to calculate and… Read More »

Is You Job Search Strategy in Need of an Update?

You’ve been on the hunt for weeks, maybe months. You’ve had a few interviews, it seems like you’re on the right track, and then you never get the call. Finding the right job is its own full-time role. We’ve all been there – you apply for a posting online, you attach your resume, and then… Read More »

How an Ordinary Person Becomes Extraordinary at Work

We all know people who seem to be naturally gifted. They are able to play sports, write novels or even learn a new instrument quickly and easily. There are even those in the workplace who seem to be good at certain things naturally where you have to struggle just to keep up. You may envy… Read More »

Employers Health Insurance Plans Evolving

The ACA has brought about many changes to company insurance offerings to employees.  In the next three years, the majority of companies in the U.S. expect to make more changes to their health insurance programs. Here is a great article on trends in healthcare offerings for U.S. companies. If you would like more information… Read More »

Stand Out in the Job Market and Prove Your Skills

When you are applying for a job, a resume and a cover letter may not be enough to get you noticed. Employers tend to scan resumes to find specific keywords and phrases, so they may miss the list of accomplishments you are so proud of in your resume. In addition, you may be competing against… Read More »

ICE Audits- How To Decrease Your Risk for Penalties

Ready for Your ICE Audit? Or did that headline just make you break out into a cold sweat? Facing an audit from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are some practical steps your organization can take to help ensure your I-9 forms are in compliance —… Read More »

Get More Done… By Doing Less!

Workers are constantly looking for ways to get more things done in less time. It turns out, the secret to doing more may in fact be doing less. That is to say, by eliminating some of your daily tasks, you can end up being a lot more productive and efficient on the work you do… Read More »

5 Apps all Job Seekers MUST Use

Finding a job in 2014 is not easy.  Today’s job search can be a long, time-consuming and difficult process.  Luckily, there are more resources than ever these days to help job seekers manage and succeed in their search. There are numerous mobile apps offering assistance with everything from personal assessments and resume-building, to scheduling and… Read More »