Stand Out in the Job Market and Prove Your Skills

When you are applying for a job, a resume and a cover letter may not be enough to get you noticed. Employers tend to scan resumes to find specific keywords and phrases, so they may miss the list of accomplishments you are so proud of in your resume. In addition, you may be competing against hundreds of applicants for the same position, and your skills list may look identical to dozens of candidates. If you want to prove to the organization that you are the perfect person for the position, then you may need to do something out of the ordinary to get the company’s attention.

Create a Portfolio

Remember when you were young and your mother kept everything that you brought home from school? She kept that macaroni picture of the family dog, your report cards and the letters from your teachers. She also kept all of the awards you received from school, scouts and summer camp. Your mother was proud of your accomplishments and wanted show all of her friends and family members proof of your fantastic achievements.
It may have been embarrassing at family reunions when your mother drug out that battered scrapbook, but mom was on the right track. You should be proud of everything you have achieved in your academic and professional life. If you keep your college transcripts, award letters, and testimonials from customers, then you will be able to prove to potential companies that you are a rock star candidate.

Online and Offline Portfolios

You can create an offline portfolio of all of the achievements you are most proud of and when you apply to a position, you should include relevant proof with your resume. You can also create an online portfolio and include a link in your cover letter. There are many portfolio websites available, depending on your professional background. Most of these sites are free or low cost. You can demonstrate your proficiency in completing projects with a Wix free website, create a one-page WordPress site to create a list of websites you have created for your clients with relevant links or create a testimonial page with letters from satisfied customers.

Have Others Verify Skills

Everyone lists skills on a resume, but if other people verify you possess specific abilities then you will stand out to potential employers. Sites such as LinkedIn allow people you know to verify that you have the abilities and qualifications you list on your profile. This type of social proof will give recruiters confidence that you can do the tasks required for the open position.
It isn’t enough to create a cookie-cutter resume and cover letter. You need to be able to show potential employers that you are able to handle all aspects of the position. By creating an online or offline portfolio, you will be able to prove you have academic credentials, certifications or a professional background. You will be able to show relevant examples of past projects and have other people you have worked with verify your skills.
Let hiring managers know you are able to verify all of the information you included in your resume. Be willing to show you have the skills, experience, and characteristics they are looking for in an ideal employee. Stand out from the crowd or you may be lost in a sea of fellow candidates and lose out to someone who dares to be different.
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