Finding a job in 2014 is not easy.  Today’s job search can be a long, time-consuming and difficult process.  Luckily, there are more resources than ever these days to help job seekers manage and succeed in their search.

There are numerous mobile apps offering assistance with everything from personal assessments and resume-building, to scheduling and networking.  Here are five apps you should be using to seriously help you succeed in your job search:

  1. iPQ Career Planner. Sometimes the hardest part of a finding a job is gaining direction and getting started.  With so many options and possibilities, it can be overwhelming.  This app helps you narrow things down and get your job search off the ground by first offering a comprehensive personal assessment, and then suggesting job postings and fields that match your criteria.
  1. Pocket Resume. Constantly redesigning and updating your resume can be difficult and time-consuming, particularly for those constantly on the go.  With this app, simply input your information, and your resume is instantly created, all on your mobile device.  Then use your device to send and upload your resume to different postings in a matter of clicks.
  1. LunchMeet. Networking is key to finding a job, but who has the time and ability to constantly search for potential contacts and arrange lunch meetings.  With this app, you can simply enter your location and information and the app will connect you with a professional who is in the area and available to meet.  The app then allows you to message with the individual and arrange a meeting.
  1. Hidden Jobs. About 80 percent of job openings are not posted publicly. This app uses a variety of sources, including press releases, newspaper announcements, magazines, and other outlets to discover a few of these hidden job postings and make them available to candidates.
  1. BeKnown. Having an online presence is crucial to landing a job.  Many employers use social media sites like Facebook to find and connect with potential job candidates.  This can create a dilemma for job seekers, who want to connect with potential employers through Facebook but don’t want to share certain aspects of their profile. This app allows you to share educational and professional experience and accomplishments through Facebook, while limiting the access your friend network or personal interactions have to your profile.

At Job Store Staffing, we have the experience and expertise to assist you with all aspects of your job search in the Denver area.  Be sure to contact us today.

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