AI and Career Development: Navigating the New Landscape

Navigating the new landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and career development can be challenging. You might be unsure of how to stay ahead of AI as automation takes over more tasks that humans used to complete.

Because AI is increasing in popularity, learning to use the technology to develop your skills increases the value you can provide employers. Offering unique skills that benefit companies supports ongoing career development.

Implement these tips to navigate the new landscape of AI and career development.

Prioritize Uniqueness

AI is a prediction engine that guesses the likely next word. For instance, typing “thank” into Gmail often is autocompleted with “you.”

Therefore, relying solely on AI to communicate, such as through writing an email or article, leads to common thinking. As a result, consistent use of AI without question would lead to predictability and sounding like everyone else.

Conversely, not letting AI autocomplete your emails or searches helps retain some originality and uniqueness. Sharing different ideas and viewpoints helps you stand out from everyone else. This asset is valuable for career development.

Enhance Your Soft Skills

AI is trained to be polite and respectful. For instance, the technology can apologize for sharing an answer that upset a user. AI also is trained to be creative.  For instance, the technology can create haikus about inequality.

However, these responses are based on text prediction. AI cannot experience or display the human version of politeness, respect, or creativity.

As a human, you are wired to respond to authentic emotions. Therefore, demonstrating that you know and care about what others think and feel and understanding your thoughts and emotions helps you provide value to employers that AI cannot.

Emphasize In-Person Connections

AI exists solely in the digital world. Conversely, human communication exists in both the real world and the digital world. Therefore, in-person connections with others set you apart from the technology.

As a result, the prioritization of real-life interactions with others, such as sharing meals or attending conferences, provides opportunities to build connections and gather insights that AI cannot. For instance, talking with others can provide access to original information that might not be online and accessible to AI. Also, your lived experiences, interviews, and conversations can uncover new details that further position you as a thought leader. These results support career development.

Develop Your Personal Brand

AI can complete high-quality work for employers who want to decrease costs. However, companies that want to work with professionals who are at the top of their fields are willing to provide competitive compensation as part of employment. Securing these top-notch professionals is a statement of the brand’s quality, association, and values.

As a result, developing your personal brand as a leading professional in your field encourages top employers to hire you. Increasing demand for your skills and experience enhances career development.

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