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50th Anniversary Highlight

Job Store Staffing® is celebrating our 50th anniversary! We are grateful to have reached this milestone with help from our clients and candidates.

Job Store Staffing®’s Founding

In 1974, Dorothy Grandbois founded Job Store Staffing® in Colorado to connect people to meaningful work. She looked at the value of each candidate and matched them with jobs based on their values and skills. Since then, our values and dedication to the community have not changed.

Growing Staffing Services

Job Store Staffing® originally filled administrative, customer service, and entry-level accounting roles. Today, our agency also fills warehouse, assembly, skilled labor, HR, and mid- and high-level accounting and manufacturing management roles.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

As one of the largest independently owned staffing agencies in Colorado, Job Store Staffing® is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  Our commitment goes beyond just words; it is embedded in the core of our operations and recruitment strategies. We strive to create an environment where diverse perspectives are valued, and inclusivity is woven into the fabric of our workplace culture. This approach not only enriches our agency’s environment but also ensures that we are better equipped to understand and meet the varied needs of the businesses and individuals we serve.

Tenure and Experience

Our team’s longevity and expertise set us apart in the staffing industry. With an average tenure of 6 years, our recruiters bring a depth of experience and stability to our operations. This extensive industry tenure allows us to build strong relationships and gain insights that newer teams might not yet have. Furthermore, most of our recruiters hold a Certificate of Staffing Professional (CSP), a testament to their comprehensive understanding of staffing industry intricacies, employment laws, and best practices. This combination of tenure and certification ensures that we offer informed and effective staffing solutions.

Community Involvement

Job Store Staffing® is committed to giving back to the community. Our employees are active in Dress for Success, a program that helps underserved women secure gainful employment, and the I Have a Dream Foundation, a Boulder-based nonprofit organization that partners with youth and their families to successfully navigate school, college, and careers.

Candidate Success Stories

We asked our candidates to share why they enjoy working with Job Store Staffing®. Here are some of their responses:

“When I quickly needed a job, Job Store Staffing® found me a temp-to-hire role with great pay. I now work directly with the company. I am so happy with the people I work with. I keep learning new things every day. 10/10 recommend!” Daisy

“I was looking everywhere for a job after transitioning to a new position. Job Store Staffing® was very helpful and timely in helping me land the job of my dreams, including my salary requirements! I recommend them often.” Ebony

“I came to Job Store Staffing® when I was looking for a job in accounting and was placed in a temporary role. Shortly after my assignment ended, I took another temporary accounting role that led to a permanent role with the same agency.” Lisa

“I worked in a temp role from Job Store Staffing® and came to love the people in the office. Soon after, I took on another temp role at the same office.  When a permanent position became available, I applied and received it.” Bonnie

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