How to Identify and Hire Top Customer Service Talent

Identifying and hiring top customer service talent lets your company provide excellent customer service. This requires a wide, deep applicant pool to select from.

Increasing your applicant pool lets you choose from the most qualified customer service talent. This helps provide an attractive customer experience to increase your bottom line.

Follow these steps to identify and hire top customer service talent.

Always Be Screening Talent

Implement a screening tool that asks 30-40 questions that can be answered online. The tool should automatically score the answers, then invite qualifying talent to schedule a phone interview.

This flexibility lets job seekers apply and be screened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also widens your applicant pool.

Ensure you interact with qualifying applicants in a timely manner. This helps identify and hire top customer service talent.

Request Employee Referrals

Ask your employees to refer their connections to your customer service job openings. Your employees should provide qualified candidates who blend with your company’s culture. This increases the referrals’ likelihood of success with your organization.

Include the referring employees in the orientation process when their connections are hired. Being onboarded with someone they know increases your new hires’ odds of productivity and longevity with your organization.

Interview the Most Qualified Talent

Look beyond hard skills and experience to determine which applicants to interview. Focus on the most important personality traits needed to provide top customer service. Examples include warmth, empathy, teamwork, conscientiousness, and optimism.

You might purchase a profiling tool that can screen for the qualities you require for success. If using this tool, you must follow all applicable laws, guidelines, and best practices for equitable screening.

Partner With A Staffing Agency

Work with a staffing agency that specializes in placing top customer service talent. The agency can match you with professionals who fit your needs.

Job Store Staffing® specializes in temporary-to-hire and project-based staffing for customer service positions. As one of the largest staffing agencies in Colorado, we draw from a diverse population to provide the talent that companies need to reach their goals.

Do You Need Help Hiring Customer Service Talent?

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