How to Improve Your Job Search

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Conducting a job search in 2022 is different than in previous years. With the high number of job openings due to the Great Resignation, you have more opportunities than ever. Following some basic guidelines can help you land an interview in a short amount of time.

Implement these tips to find a new job now.

Research Companies

Learn all you can about the employers you want to work for. Find out about their company culture, salary range, benefits package, products or services, and work environment. Also, determine whether the job duties and responsibilities interest you and what the potential career paths look like. Use the information to decide whether the opportunity fits your needs and interests and if you should apply.

Apply in a Different Industry

Many industries have extreme labor shortages. This includes skilled trades, warehousing, and manufacturing. The high demand for employees means you could use your transferrable skills to land an interview. As long as you fit the basic job requirements and can see yourself succeeding in the role, you should apply. If hired, you are likely to receive competitive wages and benefits and have opportunities to advance.


Talk with your connections in your industry about your job search. Let them know the types of roles you want, your qualifications, and other needs and interests. Be sure to give some background about your current and previous roles to provide additional guidance for your qualifications. Your contacts may know of relevant job openings, introduce you to a hiring manager, or provide advice for your search. Thank your connections for their help. Offer to reciprocate when needed.

Set Up Informational Interviews

Schedule time to talk with professionals in the company or role you want to work in. For instance, ask about the culture, job responsibilities, duties, and what a typical day looks like. Also, find out what the colleagues, coworkers, and leaders are like. Additionally, ask about the salary range, benefits package, and opportunities for bonuses, raises, and promotions. Then, think about whether your findings fit with what you are looking for in your next position. If they do, apply for the job.

Discuss Your Soft Skills

Employers are more focused than ever on hiring for interpersonal skills. Examples include communication, problem-solving, attention to detail, and teamwork. Be sure to give examples of how you use your soft skills to add value for your current employer and how you can do the same for your next employer. Your abilities, combined with your hard skills, can help you secure an interview.

Partner with a Staffing Firm

A recruiter from a staffing firm knows about opportunities not shared with most job seekers. This means you face less competition when interviewing. The recruiter also can coach you on your resume, the company and hiring manager, and the interview process. Plus, they can negotiate a job offer on your behalf to secure a competitive income and benefits.

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