Encourage a Better Work-Life Balance as a Manager

Companies that offer work-life balance are more likely to hire and retain the best talent. Employees want jobs that promote time for self-care, family and friends, and overall wellness. When they find an employer who prioritizes these areas, the employees are more likely to perform their best and remain with the company long-term.

Implement these six tips to promote work-life balance among your team.

1. Offer Flexibility

The more control your employees have over their workday, the more productive they will be. This is why you should let your team work remotely at least one day per week. Not having to commute frees up time to complete more work. Also, allow your team members to set their own schedules. The ability to fit in their personal needs around their work tasks reduces stress and increases productivity. Your team can work when they are most motivated and engaged to achieve the desired results.

2. Set Boundaries

Let your team know the hours during which they can communicate with you, their colleagues, and their coworkers. Any time outside of these hours is dedicated to family and other personal interests. Remind your team members to turn off their notifications and keep their minds off work during these hours. This encourages focus on non-work activities and helps prevent burnout.

3. Monitor Workloads

Pay attention to how much work each of your team members has at a given time. Having more tasks to complete than is reasonably possible can lead to increased stress and longer work hours. This takes away time for relaxation, which can lead to burnout. Be sure to regularly check in with each team member to address potential problems and concerns about their tasks. Offer to help when needed.

4. Promote Breaks

Remind your team to take regular breaks throughout the day. Your team members need to step away from their desks and completely disengage from their work. This may involve taking a short walk, meditating, or listening to music. Or, your team might talk with their coworkers who are on break, read a book, or eat healthy foods. Taking their minds off work helps improve focus, concentration, and decision-making. Coming back refreshed reduces stress and elevates productivity.

5. Encourage Team Cohesion

Offer opportunities for your team members to work together. This may include sharing workloads to reduce the need for overtime and collaborating on challenging tasks. Or, it could involve helping each other resolve stressful situations and providing support outside the office. The more connected your team feels, the more pleasant their work environment should be.

6. Lead by Example

Model the behaviors you want to see in your team. Because you are their leader, they look to you for advice and encouragement to increase their performance. The more your team members watch you take breaks, set boundaries, work with others, and ask for help when needed, the more likely they are to follow suit.

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