How to Stay Motivated at Work After the Holidays

Returning to work after having extended time off for the holidays can be challenging. You may have become used to enjoying delicious food and engaging in conversation with family and friends. Or, perhaps you took a vacation to relax and have new experiences. No matter how you spend your time away, you may not look forward to getting back into your daily routine and facing a backlog of work. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make the process easier.

Implement these tips to maintain your motivation when returning to work after the holidays.

Set Goals

Work with your manager and teammates to create individual and team goals. Ensure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART). Focusing on your objectives and how they add value to the organization provides motivation to continue moving forward.

Request Flexibility

The more control you have over your work schedule, the happier you will be. This is especially true if you can change your surroundings by working remotely at least one day each week. If you already have this option, you may want to find a new coffee shop or library to work from. Or, you could ask about starting or ending your workday earlier or later. You may be able to avoid rush hour or participate in more activities outside of work that make you happy.

Dress Up

The clothes you wear impact your mood and energy level. As a result, choosing slacks and a dressy top rather than jeans and a sweatshirt can promote the desire to be productive during work hours. You should accomplish more when you feel motivated.

Modify Your Workspace

Make changes to your work area to provide motivation to complete your tasks. For instance, remove the clutter from the inside and outside your desk. Throw out the garbage and electronically file or recycle the documents you no longer need. Also, keep out only what you are working on at the moment. This helps you stay organized and feel less stressed. Additionally, change the wallpaper on your computer to a motivational quote or an image that inspires you. Plus, replace your old photos with new ones. Making physical changes helps get your mind moving to make new decisions.

Move Around

Take time each day to walk around the office or your neighborhood. The fresh air and exercise will help clear your head and promote positive feelings. Or, do gentle stretches near your workspace. This is especially important if you sit for long periods of time. Working your muscles helps provide energy for the rest of your day.

Get to Know Your Coworkers

Talk with the coworkers you do not know well who are on break at the same time you are. You may want to go out for coffee or eat lunch with them. Strengthening your work relationships promotes positive feelings about going to the office. You might form personal friendships as well.

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