Why You Should Regularly Assess Your Job References

The best feeling in the world can be exiting an interview and feeling like you nailed it. Walking out with your head held high and staying positive regarding the next step is the best way to proceed. Feeling confident during the job search is tough, and you need to have a network to support your quest for the perfect position. One of the most crucial things you can do to improve your odds is pick the right references to provide glowing reviews of your work and experience. The best candidates provide professional references that can reinforce their capabilities and clinch the position for them.


Reviewing your professional references is essential because you need to maintain your networking connections. When you’re searching for the right position, it’s essential to keep
your relationships positive. It can also be difficult to decide on which references will serve you best. We recommend providing information for the professionals with whom you worked the longest, or choosing reference letters from colleagues in your field. Additionally, you want to check in on your professional references frequently to keep that relationship strong. Avoid listing a former colleague or boss you haven’t spoken to in a few years – it’s possible their opinion of you has changed since then.


To determine which of your colleagues will be your best choices for a professional reference, to think about your relationship to that person. You also need to take into consideration the position you’re applying for. If you’re trying to get an interview for an office position, avoid providing references that can’t speak to your experience in that field. Keep it relevant by providing references in the industry you’re looking to work in.


As a job candidate, you need to stand out and prove to a potential employer that you’ve got what it takes to succeed at their organization. You’ll need to communicate to your references what they should emphasize to the hiring manager when they reach out. Ask your references to speak to specific skills that will help you get the job, and provide them with the posting if possible. It’s also essential to keep your requests appropriate: Don’t ask a colleague to stretch the truth or speak to abilities they haven’t seen you demonstrate. If you don’t have a skill under your belt, work on it. The last thing you want is to get caught in a lie during your first day on the job.

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