Best Ways to Welcome a New Employee

Cultivating a positive company culture has many aspects, but one of the most important facets is how you welcome new team members. Hiring can be difficult, and it’s not uncommon that new staff gets lost in the shuffle. Being an outstanding leader means making every employee feel welcome and important. Commit to making a positive… Read More »

6 Checklist Items When Creating Your Resume

Whether you’re an industry vet or new to the workforce, the most important document you can provide is your resume. Creating your resume takes time, and you need to tailor it to each position you apply to. However, anyone can make a simple mistake on that page. We’re here to help you prevent those slip-ups… Read More »

De-Stress With These 4 Exercises You Can Do During Your Workday

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Why Your Social Media Pages Could Be Dismissing You From a Potential Job Offer

When you’re looking to lock down the perfect position, it’s essential to have a strong professional presence. Hiring managers search for experienced candidates with potential and leadership abilities. Most supervisors don’t hire for the short term; they’ve got big-picture plans for qualified applicants. First impressions are crucial, but you need to think big picture too.… Read More »

Why You Should Regularly Assess Your Job References

The best feeling in the world can be exiting an interview and feeling like you nailed it. Walking out with your head held high and staying positive regarding the next step is the best way to proceed. Feeling confident during the job search is tough, and you need to have a network to support your… Read More »