Beware These Red-Flag Buzzwords in Your Next Interview

You’ve found a great post on one of the many job search websites, and you’re feeling good. The commute is short, the hours are great and you’re feeling confident. When you walk in the door, you start getting a nagging feeling that something isn’t right. Maybe the vibe feels off, or the people aren’t friendly. When your instincts detect trouble, don’t ignore that gut feeling. If something doesn’t seem right, watch out for these red flags during your interview.

Long List of Duties

Buzzwords to watch for: “covering multiple roles” or “wearing different hats”

You can expect a potential employer to have high expectations, but one red flag to look out for is an excessive amount of job responsibilities within one job description. Every professional seeking employment is ready to tackle tough tasks, but be wary of a company asking you to do too much. If during the interview it becomes clear the organization expects you to perform the work of two or three employees on one salary, you need to bow out. You want an employer that values your work and is willing to pay a fair wage for your talents.

The Legitimacy of the Position

Buzzwords to watch for: “legitimate” or “scam”

Before your interview, due diligence is essential. Research the company you’re applying to in order to determine the validity of this opportunity. During your interview, a huge warning sign is the hiring manager emphasizing how great the job is and that it’s a legitimate role. Think about the employer’s motivations: If the job seems too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts and listen closely. If the employer insists the job isn’t a scam, that’s a suspicious statement. You can also tell if a position isn’t legitimate by doing some research. If the website has minimal information and they don’t have a presence on social media, that’s a huge red flag.

“Which Job Did You Apply For?”

Buzzwords to watch for: “restructuring” or “hiring all positions”

If you notice the company is hiring for all positions or many employees have recently departed, there could be internal issues. When the hiring manager loses track of which job they are trying to fill, you should be worried. A mass exodus is a huge warning sign that things aren’t right within this organization. Bring this concern to their attention by asking, “I noticed you’re hiring for multiple positions. Have you implemented some restructuring?” Give them a chance to explain the circumstances, but listen carefully to the response you receive.

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