Why You Should Be Asking Your Employees for Feedback

Feedback equals growth. Feedback gives you an opportunity to analyze your process and enhance the way your team does business. But feedback doesn’t always come naturally from employees. Some staff members are hesitant to share, or feel uncomfortable with public commentary. It’s up to you as a leader to elicit feedback from your staff, and… Read More »

Best Ways to Welcome a New Employee

Cultivating a positive company culture has many aspects, but one of the most important facets is how you welcome new team members. Hiring can be difficult, and it’s not uncommon that new staff gets lost in the shuffle. Being an outstanding leader means making every employee feel welcome and important. Commit to making a positive… Read More »

How to Nail Your Interview and Not Be Awkward

You may not think of yourself as an “awkward person,” but that doesn’t make you immune to those uncomfortable interview moments every job seeker faces. Your interview confidence can be shattered in an instant when the hiring manager falls silent. Keep your spirits high and ace the interview questions with our interview etiquette tips. Embrace… Read More »

Why You Should Regularly Assess Your Job References

The best feeling in the world can be exiting an interview and feeling like you nailed it. Walking out with your head held high and staying positive regarding the next step is the best way to proceed. Feeling confident during the job search is tough, and you need to have a network to support your… Read More »