Why You Should Be Asking Your Employees for Feedback

Feedback equals growth. Feedback gives you an opportunity to analyze your process and enhance the way your team does business. But feedback doesn’t always come naturally from employees. Some staff members are hesitant to share, or feel uncomfortable with public commentary. It’s up to you as a leader to elicit feedback from your staff, and respond effectively to the responses you get. Here’s why you need to ask for feedback.

Feedback is Everywhere

When you think about it, obtaining feedback is actually hard to avoid! Every time an employee speaks to a client, works with a colleague or completes a training, they’ll obtain feedback. And when you conduct a performance review or employee survey, you’ll gather the feedback of your staff. Capitalize on this valuable input by analyzing what your business does well and where it can improve. For example, if customers praise the service but dread your website, outsource to a digital media company to have your operation running effectively in every category.

Employees Desire Growth

When you hire candidates, they have an idea of what they’d like to accomplish in this position. Whether they want to learn how to manage a team or develop a specific skill under your employ, it’s up to you and your staff members to make this happen together. If you gain feedback from your recruit on how you can better serve your staff, you can create a plan for each employee’s path of professional development.

You Need Direction

Managers need to grow too! And you can’t progress in a positive direction if you don’t have input from others. Seek direction from your team to help you identify your weaknesses. Asking for feedback can help you avoid overlooking any slipups in day-to-day operations. You can also elicit feedback on any major projects or decisions. Trouble choosing a new hire? Lean on your workers to provide some insight. Acting on advice from your team will cement a more positive company culture.

Looking for some feedback?

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