7 Ways to Increase Diversity In Hiring

Managing the workplace means bringing the best minds together to get the job done. To execute top-level work, you’ll need many different types of workers. A diverse workforce helps you enact new ideas and make progress as a team like never before. Here are seven ways to boost your company’s diversity when hiring.

1. Define Diversity

Having a diverse staff is about more than the color of someone’s skin. Diversity is about differences in our personalities and the struggles we face going through life. People typically think about differences in race and gender when discussing a diverse staff, but there are many more things that can bring new life to your team. Consider a candidate with a different educational background or an atypical family situation. Diversity includes gender identity, orientation, age, physical ability, and political and religious affiliations.

2. Emphasize a Positive Company Culture

Candidates crave a diverse team, so you need to make your office environment open to inclusion to attract the best workers. Candidates and hiring managers both base decisions on “fit,” so make sure your company culture is helping you recruit all kinds of people. Build up your environment to emphasize many kinds of viewpoints to help everyone feel at home.

3. Use Data and Stats

If you’re not the final word on candidate selection, use facts to back up your emphasis on hiring diverse candidates. Studies show that workers want to be on a team with many kinds of voices. Did you know that more than half of all employees think their workplace can be doing more to diversify their workplace? Show your peers you support an inclusive environment to inspire others.

4. Have a Diverse Hiring Panel

Gaining diversity in the workplace happens naturally when you use a diverse hiring panel. Loop in women, people of color and staff members of all ages and abilities to show a commitment to change. If a candidate experiences a search committee that looks homogenous during an interview, they are less likely to take the job.

5. Prioritize Skills Before Interviewing

A hiring manager who lists more than a dozen requirements in a hiring post doesn’t know what they’re looking for. Narrow down your expectations rather than using a job posting as a catch-all to find a superhuman candidate. Be realistic about what your company needs and what the position demands to avoid eliminating workers with different experiences.

6. Eliminate Subconscious Bias

This can be done simply, by removing names and gender markers from application materials, or more extensively. Some firms strip all identifying information before the interview occurs to give every applicant a fair shot. This can help you focus on the experience and skills of a candidate, rather than getting distracted by markers like an Ivy League education. Some applicants may look impressive, but you want a worker that can prove themselves on the job.

7. Get Creative

When searching for talent, utilize new methods to identify new types of workers. If you need to infuse your workforce with a more youthful vibe, consider setting up a booth at the local college or university. Networking to find potential staff members gives you a quick glimpse of their personality, which can help you find a hardworking new recruit. Also, more and more professionals are looking to work remotely. Offering a work-from-home position may increase your likelihood of finding the right fit.

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