How to Know What You Want From Your New Job

Exploring your options may happen throughout your career. New opportunities present themselves, and every professional craves growth. Even seasoned workers need some direction on best practices in career advancement. But how do you know what position is best for your path? We’re here to show you how you can identify your skills and possibilities to advance your career in the right direction. There are lots of helpful tools you can utilize to help you chose your next role. To determine what your best option is moving forward, take advantage of the following resources:


Reflect on your journey so far, and think about what you are interested in pursuing. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses can help you embrace your skills and determine what jobs best suit you. Journaling can be helpful if you are trying to identify your strengths. This can be as simple as writing down a list of your top three needs for a new position, or you can adopt a free-form journaling style where you write down your thoughts and dreams and analyze what your path should be.

Research, research, research

A new position may not always be what it seems. You don’t want to accept a new role without understanding its demands. Here are some great ways you can identify the parts of each job that will match up with your qualifications:

  • Online research – Use a search engine or a popular site like Glassdoor to learn the basics of a specific role
  • Books and articles – Sometimes it pays to go old school: check out professional literature to help you make a decision
  • Consult the experts – Talk to a professional in the field to help you figure out what the right move is for your career

Gain Experience

If you want to be sure your new position is a good fit, consider leaping right in. Find paid work in the industry to determine how successful you’ll be in this new role. Also consider taking on an internship. Internships allow you to get hands-on experience while demonstrating all the responsibilities that will come up. A short-term assignment or temporary gig is a great way to learn the ropes without committing to a permanent role.

Find More Resources

Work with a career consultant to identify your best attributes. Contacting a career coach is not only great for your networking abilities, it can also help you determine available opportunities. A career coach can show you different ways to learn about different jobs, including providing professional assessments for you. Taking the DISC assessment or the StrengthsQuest examination may give you career clues. You may also consider working with a staffing agency to give you access to multiple postings. Temporary staffing firms offer a great opportunity to test out potential jobs and interview for different positions.

Ready to find the right fit?

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