The most successful individuals don’t skyrocket to wealth and prosperity alone. The best leaders know that collaboration is essential to growth. If you’re a manager looking to take on tough tasks, you’ll need trusted advisors. Surrounding yourself with yes-men is a rookie mistake. A wise leader creates a team of diverse thinkers, so decisions can be made after evaluating every viewpoint. Here are the six kinds of people you need by your side.


The Advisor

This is someone likely in your industry that can provide trustworthy wisdom. Your Advisor should have experience with your work so they can provide valuable input. You should seek counsel from your adviser anytime you are making large decisions that will impact how your organization operates. The Advisor should also be able to keep things under wraps, so that you can rely on them in confidence.


The Encourager

Your Encourager is someone that can inspire you to persevere, and cheer you on. When you’re working on a new project or feeling misguided, the Encourager should have your back. An Encourager’s enthusiasm is a great counterpoint to the critiques you receive from your Critic. They should boost you to the next level, encouraging any and all of your endeavors. This is the most vital role you need in your network, and it does not hurt to have more than one.


The Collaborator

The Collaborator is someone that can support your day-to-day decisions and work with you to create successful ventures. This team member doesn’t necessarily need to be an industry specialist, as long as they can speak wisely to decision-making and business endeavors. Call on your Collaborator to help you push through a project, or provide tactful insight.


The Doubter

The Doubter is not necessarily someone you keep in your personal circle, but it is someone you need to remember as you continue to grow your success. This is an individual from your past that doesn’t believe in you and contradicts your journey. The Doubter gives you the incentive to keep striving towards your goals to prove them wrong. Use this as motivation to continue achieving greatness throughout your career.


The Critic

Surround yourself with people that will tell you the truth. You need the Critic in your life to keep you in check so you can make decisions objectively. The Critic is the best way to ensure you are being fair and judicious at work. Consult the Critic in a timely manner when you meet with your Encourager. A healthy dose of optimism and skepticism make for wiser choices in entrepreneurship. Ask your Critic to always be candid with you when you seek counsel.


The Partner

The Partner is your counterpart in all things business. This individual’s abilities should mirror your own. Find somebody that possesses the qualities you lack when it comes to managing others and working effectively. If you are strictly a rule-follower, find a Partner with some creativity. Establish a well-rounded team for yourself in order to command with confidence. The Partner can be your number two when it comes to the big picture.


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