Here’s Why Your Candidate is Ghosting You

Hiring managers are experiencing something new – the brush off. Gone are the recession days of clamoring candidates. Instead, more and more employers are dealing with no-shows for scheduled interview times, ignored calls, and no response after issuing an offer letter. How can you facilitate responsive candidates in this job market? We’ll share some tips.… Read More »

Job Searching Without Your Boss Knowing

The modern workforce is all about change. Now, more than ever, employees can explore their options. Thirty-year careers are less common, and job-hopping is no longer taboo. Many professionals are interested in gaining new experience with different organizations within three-to-five years, instead of 10 to 20. If you want to branch out and consider a… Read More »

Is You Job Search Strategy in Need of an Update?

You’ve been on the hunt for weeks, maybe months. You’ve had a few interviews, it seems like you’re on the right track, and then you never get the call. Finding the right job is its own full-time role. We’ve all been there – you apply for a posting online, you attach your resume, and then… Read More »

Six People You Need in Your Network

The most successful individuals don’t skyrocket to wealth and prosperity alone. The best leaders know that collaboration is essential to growth. If you’re a manager looking to take on tough tasks, you’ll need trusted advisors. Surrounding yourself with yes-men is a rookie mistake. A wise leader creates a team of diverse thinkers, so decisions can… Read More »

Common Mistakes First-Time Job Seekers Make

If you are a first time job seeker, the entire job search process may seem intimidating to you. How do you find the right positions to apply for? How do you write a resume that stands out? What do you do during an interview? And in your haste to secure employment, you may end up… Read More »

How to Wow Hiring Managers a During Phone Interview

Some companies have multiple steps that must be completed in their interview process. These steps can include an email questionnaire, tests or phone interviews in order to determine if  a potential candidate is a good fit for the organization. A phone interview is one way a manager can create an initial opinion about an individual… Read More »

Stop Using Job Search Strategies That Just Don’t Work

There are many job search strategies that will help you find the perfect position. However, some strategies candidates utilize can hurt their job search. By learning how to avoid these strategies, you can focus your attention on completing quality, targeted applications. Below are strategies that may hurt your job search. More Applications Mean More Opportunities… Read More »

Why Women-Owned Businesses Are Looking for Quality Talent

Women-owned businesses survived the recent recession and are now looking to grow. This provides optimum opportunity for qualified candidates like you. Understand how female entrepreneurs run their businesses differently and what that means for job seekers. Strategic Survival Established women-owned businesses survived the recent recession in one of two ways. The companies either cut costs… Read More »

Stand Out in the Job Market and Prove Your Skills

When you are applying for a job, a resume and a cover letter may not be enough to get you noticed. Employers tend to scan resumes to find specific keywords and phrases, so they may miss the list of accomplishments you are so proud of in your resume. In addition, you may be competing against… Read More »

Do a Better Job Search – In Under 5 Minutes

In today’s competitive job market, everybody is looking for a leg up.  The edge you are looking for may be easier to attain that you may think. In fact, it can be done in as little as 5 minutes. The secret? Reach out to someone who holds the job you are seeking and ask to speak about… Read More »