Creating a friendly and productive office environment is essential to a happy workplace. Research shows that happy workers are more productive workers, so embrace the trend toward a upbeat environment. Hiring the best professionals doesn’t necessarily mean a harmonious atmosphere – this is something a leader must craft. The best managers never settle – they strive for excellence each day. These are the top five ways to make that effort to create a content workplace for you and your staff.


Take Inventory

Determine which workers are performing well, and identify reasons they are succeeding. Chances are, they are happy and productive because of something specific that is working for them. Find out what aspects of the job are keeping them happy and motivating them to be efficient, and implement those aspects throughout the office.


Focus on Growth

Happy team members are ones that feel comfortable branching out and developing their network and abilities. Establishing a learning environment will foster curiosity and ingenuity within your team. These positive traits will help you lead more effective workers, and help them feel motivated each day on the job. Promote regular training sessions, workshops, and conferences to allow for diverse portfolios of experience right within your walls.


Communication is Key

One of the foremost issues in a professional setting is often a lack of communication from supervisors. Employees crave insightful feedback from their leaders. Cultivate a company culture where all feel welcome. Start by setting aside time to do weekly one-on-ones with your staff, or small group sessions with regular updates. Increased communication is a symbiotic benefit for you and your employees. Satisfied workers are more likely to provide you with feedback that will help you maintain the happiness of your workplace.


Work-Life Balance

The past decade has shown an emphasis on the work-life balance trend. Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers alike can share in the benefits of a more balanced approach to work. Ask your people what they are looking for. Early arrival paired with early departure is a common desire for parents and younger workers, and some prefer to work four ten-hour days. Offer extended lunch breaks or time off, particularly for networking events or relevant industry events. Workers displaying the initiative to better themselves and expand their professional abilities should be celebrated.


Reward with Recognition

Employees will remain engages when they feel appreciated. The fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to do this is to praise your people when their work deserves recognition. This can occur in one-on-one meetings, group settings, or even just in passing. Sending a positive email to an employee regarding their recent work accomplishment will reinforce a friendly, professional relationship. Building a rapport and showing gratitude your workers is the best method for staff retention.


Top leaders are always seeking top talent to round out their team. Developing a happy workforce means finding the right people for the job. If you’re still searching for professionals to join your staff, check out Job Store Staffing. We’ve got the talented candidates to get the job done! Contact us today!


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