Summer means sunshine, ice cream, outdoor activities, and seasonal staffing! Effective leaders know how to manage time to ensure all responsibilities are met, even when summer fun is just outside your doors. To the best in the business, summer means hiring temporary staff for the season. Whether you are accommodating for staff members taking vacation time or an increase in demand for your company’s services in the summer, Job Store Staffing has four top tips you need to keep in mind:

  1. Review Your Policies

Before you begin the search to hire seasonal staff for the summer, refresh your memory on your insurance policies. You need to keep your workforce in check and stay in frequent contact with your insurance agent before making any big staffing decisions. If you are seeking serious quantities of seasonal staff members, you’ll need your agent to know about it. Big changes in how many people you employ can directly affect your policies, so be upfront about your company’s needs. You don’t want to end your fiscal year with surprise payments or large fluctuations in what you’re owed.

  1. Focus on Onboarding

Top companies have made the mistake of hiring in bulk and not properly vetting their new people – this can cost your company as well as your staff. Being blasé when it comes to bringing on new staff, particularly in industries that require skilled labor, can result in injuries or costly mistakes. Take the time to train your staff members – we can’t emphasize this enough. Don’t skip out on an in-depth on-boarding process just because the new hire may only be with your company for a few months. It only takes a moment for a poorly trained worker to make a devastating mistake. Additionally, you never know when seasonal staff will prove their work and become permanent members of your team. Treat each new hire as if they are a lifelong addition to the company.

  1. Leave No Stone Unturned

When you think of seasonal staffing, your first instinct may be a college or high school student looking to make some quick cash. However, you may be overlooking other talented candidates if you focus your search on the younger job market. Use a staffing agency to find a perfect fit for the position, or dig deep into your own company archives. If you’re looking for an employee that will understand the demands of the job, consider contracting out to a recent retiree or former employee. You may also have a resume on file from before you began your search, so begin from within.

  1. Examine Your Environment

Finally, our last tip to you is to take a holistic look at your company. Make sure it’s ready to attract new staff members. Evaluate your organization as if you were an outsider, because you may overlook some aspects of day-to-day operations. Perhaps you haven’t noticed how loud it gets in the mornings, or maybe some safety hazards have been overlooked. Be critical, because you can’t guarantee what might turn off a potential hire.

Having a tough time tracking down top talent to fill your temporary staffing positions? Work with an expert agency like Job Store Staffing. We have the resources your company needs to recruit qualified candidates to meet your hiring needs. For more information, contact us today.

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