Spring Clean Your Resume Before Your Next Job Search

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Spring cleaning your resume is similar to spring cleaning your closet. They both require you to determine what to keep, what to remove, and what to emphasize. Then, you can add new items that are current, relevant, and appealing.

As with any spring cleaning, breaking the project into steps makes it easier to handle. Therefore, you should start spring cleaning your resume now, so it is ready for your next job search.

Follow these guidelines to spring-clean your resume before your next job search

Remove Outdated Information

Get rid of any details in your resume that are more than 10 years old. Include the skills, affiliations, and certifications that are irrelevant to your current career path. This frees up space to share your more recent information that is relevant to the role you desire.

Ensure your remaining content demonstrates the current, relevant value you can provide for your targeted employer. These details show your strongest selling points that encourage the hiring manager to contact you for an interview.

Emphasize Your Relevant Information

Focus on the remaining bullet points in your resume. Consider whether your contributions and results are relevant to the role you want.

Determine whether you can include a measurement for each accomplishment. This may be an increase in profit, efficiency, quality, or customer satisfaction.

For instance, if you handle accounts receivable, you might have decreased the number of outstanding accounts by a certain percentage. Or, you could have increased cash flow by a specific amount.

Add any relevant, quantifiable achievements that show how you could benefit your next employer. This increases your likelihood of landing an interview.

Add Relevant Details

Pay attention to the requirements listed in the job description. Then, add your relevant knowledge, skills, experience, accomplishments, and other qualifications to your resume.

Include how you developed the relevant skills through previous jobs or volunteer opportunities. Or, share what you are doing to gain the required skills.

For instance, if many of your targeted employers desire certification as a project manager, you could mention how you are earning this certification. Or, if SharePoint software specialization is in demand, you might participate in a class or ask to take on specific projects to develop this skill.

Is It Time for Your Next Job Search?

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