5 Tips for Recruiting Top Talent in 2021

With every new year comes new opportunities. 2021 is likely to be a year full of new experiences and adventures, especially if you’re open to it. Thinking of bringing on new members of your team this year? Your hiring methods may need a 2021-refresh. Work with a staffing agency to find your top talent this year.  

1. Create an Interview Panel  

If you are the only one interviewing applicants, it’s time to modernize your process. Multiple voices and perspectives should be celebrated. Invite people in the industry to participate in your process – it can help attract great talent, and it can also help you evaluate more effectively. Everyone benefits when they can bounce ideas off of someone. This also helps if you’re looking to diversify your team. If you want an inclusive recruiting process, you need to utilize a diverse hiring team.  

2. Appeal to Applicants  

Turn the tables on your approach: to attract top talent, think about what they want to see in a job description. Instead of listing your demands, use this opportunity to advertise the best aspects of your organization. Talk about your mission statement and company culture to recruit long-term hires.  

3. Analyze Your Needs  

Sometimes it helps to make this a group conversation. If your team is experiencing turnover, bring your employees into the process for a discussion about what support they need in their day-to-day. Your staff members will have a great fresh perspective and untapped insight into how your staff operates.   

4. Tweak Your Post  

One of the most critical aspects of attracting great applicants is writing a good job description. Take a look at the tools and traits your new hire will need, and be clear and concise in your job posting as you advertise to potential recruits.  

5. Stay Objective  

An anonymous look at applicants is a highly effective way to stay open-minded. By limiting your applicants based on strict education metrics or minimum professional experience, you are closing off potential winners in the applicant pool. Stripping names and personal details from all applications you review can also help you reduce unconscious bias.  

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