How to Leave Work Issues at the Office

At some point in time, everyone is sure to find themselves stressed from work. Whether you’re in a high-pressure environment or you get emails at all hours, balancing your time is particularly important these days. If you’re struggling with work-life separation and looking for ways to divide the professional from the personal, here are some tips to help you not take your stress home from your 9-5.  

Master the List  

If you’re not a “list person,” become one. Staying organized with a task list is crucial to time management. It’s also the only way to make sure work doesn’t slip through the cracks, especially if you are busy managing multiple projects. We recommend the Ivy Lee method to take your list-making to the next level: end each day by creating the next day’s list. This gives you the opportunity to move any items from today that weren’t completed to the top of tomorrow’s list. This method keeps your list short and ensures the completion of all tasks.  

No Emails After Hours  

Leave work at work by limiting your responses after hours. Even if you have a quick response, you don’t want people to expect to be able to reach you at all hours of the night or weekend. Set expectations with your co-workers, specifically. While you should be available for a professional emergency, limiting work interactions outside of your 9-5 will be critical in preserving your mental health.  

Enforce Deadlines  

Maintain pressure on yourself to complete the necessary work for the day, so you don’t feel pressured to return to the job later. A few extra minutes quickly turns into an hour of overtime. This is particularly important if you’re working remotely. Separate home from work in any way that works for you – we recommend a specific cue that speaks to your senses – light a candle, select a playlist, even clock yourself in and out with a visual trigger if you need to.

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