Here’s Why You Should Set Professional Resolutions in 2021

New Year’s resolutions don’t only have to be for personal goals. Set professional goals for 2021! Whether you’re a veteran with multiple decades of experience or you’re brand new to the workforce, you will likely benefit from creating some measurable resolutions to kickstart new growth in your career for the new year. Here’s where you can get started!    

Relationship Building  

Top professionals know that networking isn’t about distributing business cards to strangers at a conference. Networking is about cultivating sincere connections with viable professional partners. Touching base with experts in your field or previous co-workers is a truly great way to keep yourself on the radar for future possibilities. Plan to focus on genuine outreach via LinkedIn or email in the new year.  

Lifelong Learner  

No matter how many years you’ve spent in the industry, there’s always more knowledge to gain. As you enter the new year, you can resolve to take actions that will help you expand your education in your field. Try online resources, like TED talks or webinars. You can also look into higher education – maybe a new degree is a 2021 journey you want to begin.  

Who Are You?  

2021 is the time for you to focus on your personal brand. Even if you’re an entry-level candidate, you can still establish a reputation for yourself specific to your skills. You want your current employers and co-workers to think of you with admiration and a positive impression. Think about what your colleagues would say about you, and compare it to what you’d want them to say. If they don’t match up, it’s time to re-evaluate.  

We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

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