A Guide to Creating an Effective Remote Onboarding Process

Getting new candidates in the door is an important juncture in the employee-supervisor relationship. As a leader, you want to show a new worker they belong, help them succeed in the role, and encourage them to stick around. For the new staff member, it’s all about absorbing information. Here’s our handy guide on how to make sure you make the right impression.  

What is Onboarding?  

Onboarding is about more than a training manual. It’s about the welcoming experience a new employee receives as they arrive. This is your opportunity as a manager to show your organization’s positive reputation to improve staff retention. A new hire wants to hear about how they can make a difference and how they can succeed in the role. This is also a good time to share whom they should report to and how they can expect that process to work. You can still foster this experience remotely by using a screenshare tool in your video conferencing to show them exactly how to proceed, so they can do their duties with confidence.  

Initial Start Date  

Managers have a lot of instruction to cover, so we want to emphasize the most important aspects of a new hire’s start date tasks:  

  • Meet and Greet with supervisor and co-workers  
  • Introduction to necessary software or procedures  
  • Concluding check-in with the manager  

This may include several virtual meetings, so try not to plan them all back to back. “Zoom fatigue” is a real issue, and you don’t want your new hire to burn out on the first day. Spread out necessary video conferences throughout the day, and provide plenty of breaks.  


A culminating remote meeting with the team gives your new team member the opportunity to ask any lingering questions or even voice concerns, where you can clear things up if needed. If there’s anything your new hire is missing, now is the time. You don’t want to hear six months from now that there’s a necessary job task that this person cannot complete due to an oversight.  

Our Team Can Help You Perfect Your Remote Onboarding Process

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