Interview Tips for Industrial Jobs: Business Casual vs. Professional

Dressing the part for an industrial job interview can be challenging. You need to look professional but not overdressed. Maintaining an appropriate appearance is one of the most important ways to make a positive impression during your interview. As a job seeker looking for an industrial position, we can help you ensure you’re prepared for your next interview by having the right interview outfit.

What to Wear

Attire expectations for a professional outfit differ from setting to setting, even within the world of industrial jobs. From light industrial work to large scale manufacturing management, there are many duties that can require different apparel. For most industrial jobs, your dress code will likely be jeans or khakis and a polo, long sleeve T-shirt, or even a flannel. This means your interview attire won’t be the typical suit expected in a business interview setting. When it comes to business casual vs. professional, stay toward the business casual end.

Confirm With Colleagues

One way to know for sure what attire is appropriate? Ask! If you know someone who works there, ask what staff members wear day to day. The general rule is that interview attire should be one step up from what workers wear day to day. If the typical worker dress code is slacks and a T-shirt, consider wearing khakis and a polo to your interview. If you don’t know someone, check it out yourself or view the company website for ideas of what employees wear.

The Little Things

Even in an industry that doesn’t demand professional attire, know that for your interview, appearance matters. This is the time to pay attention to details, because hiring managers do. Shoes should be shined and not scuffed, hands should be washed and clean, hair should be neat and out of your face. If you have a coat or a bag, it should have a polished appearance, as well. A tidy appearance will help you feel more professional and confident so you can succeed in your interview.

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