3 Ways to Welcome Your New Employee

Onboarding shouldn’t feel like an item on your to-do list; it should be a celebration! You’ve found the right person for the role, so make sure they’re excited to join the staff. The standard new-hire orientation can be dull. Any efforts you can make to include your new staff member will go a long way towards morale and retention.  Onboarding multiple new hires can even serve as a positive team-building experience for your new hires, so make the most of this opportunity.

  1. Go Beyond the Introduction

On a new employee’s first day, you probably take the worker around to meet the staff, especially key colleagues they’ll need to communicate with regularly. A bad leader abandons their workers with nothing but boxes on an organizational chart. When you’re proud of the team you’ve worked hard to cultivate, introducing them is a great selling point to new hires. If introductions aren’t possible during the onboarding process, consider creating a more interactive document for new workers. Create a handbook with fun facts about each member of your team, discussing their interests and how they contribute to the company. It’s friendlier and helps recent hires feel more at home.

  1. Incorporate Company Culture

One way to make your new hire feel like a part of the team is to give gifts that line up with your company culture. Do you work for a university? Provide some college swag! If you employ assembly workers, provide new staff with a finished product to add more appreciation for the work they’ll do. Research shows workers are more productive when they understand the big picture, and when they see how their tasks contribute to the overall mission and vision of the company. A T-shirt may not seem like a huge gesture, but little things promote inclusion and impress recruits.

  1. First Week Recap

The final method to ensure a quality company welcome is to schedule a one-on-one for the end of the employee’s first week. Sit down with new workers and focus on this meeting. You can learn a lot from discussing a new staff member’s first week, including:

  • outsider impressions;
  • existing onboarding process;
  • existing employee relationships; and
  • potential conflicts and issues.


Take any constructive criticism in stride and maintain an open mind to make the most of this meeting. New workers can provide a fresh perspective on your organization, so take note as you move forward to create a great environment for your staff.


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