Creating a Personal Website Can Enhance Your Job Search

As a professional in any industry, getting your name out there is essential. Being able to build a network and a positive reputation will improve your chances in any industry. Establishing yourself as a unique candidate through your website can be an attention-grabber to recruiters and hiring managers. Here’s our top insight on what your personal website should include and how it will help you succeed in your career path.

Project Your Experience

One of the primary highlights of a personal website is the ability to showcase every aspect of who you are. A resume only shows a list of your jobs and responsibilities. You can include anything relevant on your website. Cultivate an interactive page that includes photos, past projects, videos and even infographics dedicated to what you can accomplish. If you have experience with creating multimedia content or delivering presentations, include them in your website. If a hiring manager can watch a video of you delivering an effective presentation, they will feel confident about how you present yourself.

Pack a Punch With Personality

A personal website is a perfect way to show the industry you are more than your degree or list of positions. Embracing technology to show colleagues what you’re about outside the office can give you an edge on the competition. Online, you can show your non-professional accomplishments and personal achievements. On a resume, you may not be able to talk up your marathon wins or your volunteer work; despite the fact these non-work achievements can show skills that relate directly to your professional skill set.

Let Others Speak for You

Establishing an online presence is perfect for your inner introvert if you find you have trouble talking up your experience. One of the best ways to make a personal website shine is to fill it with client testimonials and professional references. Reach out to colleagues in your network and set aside a subpage of your site for others to write positive recommendations. If a potential employer searches the internet for your name, you want them to be confronted with a wave of professional accolades, not party photos from a decade ago.
A personal website commands attention. It shows you are devoted to establishing yourself as a reputable professional and you’ve dedicated your time to creating something that represents the best parts of your career. There are plenty of options in 2017 that can provide you with a low-cost website template that’s easy to navigate. Think of a website as an investment in your future, and a resource you can draw from to show everything you’ve accomplished throughout your professional journey.

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