In a tough job market, it can seem impossible to stand out and find the perfect position. You’ve created the ideal cover letter and sent it out to potential employers, and you’re not getting a response. The problem is each posting you apply to needs an individualized cover letter. Don’t get caught making the rookie mistake of copying and pasting for different positions. Here’s why you need to make the effort to personalize your plea every time:

It Gets You in the Door

Think of your cover letter as the key to your perfect position. You can’t expect one key to work with multiple locks. Treat every posting as if you’re applying for your dream job. You’ll have to create a new cover letter each time you apply for a job, and not just change some words around. Use the posting details to cultivate your descriptions. If the position calls for detailed organization skills, use these specific words when describing your experience. Utilizing keywords may be essential because organizations often scan cover letters for specific phrases. Hiring managers are looking for distinct traits to fill a role, so make it clear these abilities are exactly what you bring to the table.

It Shows Dedication to Detail

Employers want someone who fits well and can truly go above and beyond. Show this before you even enter the workplace by demonstrating your thoughtfulness. Triple-check the spelling of names to ensure you’re not missing the mark. A quick internet search should confirm things, so make that extra effort. Address the contact person directly, and it doesn’t hurt to do some quick research on the recipient.

You Can Keep It Simple

Longer is not necessarily better. You want to describe your experience effectively, but don’t want the reader to get bored. Retain attention by keeping your paragraphs short and leaving some details for your interview. You also don’t want to ramble or waste valuable cover letter space. Using multiple adjectives or descriptors is unnecessary and also seems disingenuous. Keep things straightforward and match your points to what the company seeks.

You’ll Stick to the Facts

Your experience needs to stand out on every cover letter you create, and the best way to do that is through hard data. Using facts, particularly numbers can really impress a potential employer. Focus on your notable contributions. If website traffic increased 40 percent or you were able to bring in six new clients, utilize those numbers. Direct information like percentages and quantities will speak volumes to the hiring manager examining your cover letter.

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