Culture is a Big Factor in Making Your Employees Stay

Retention is a huge responsibility of any company leader. As someone in management, you need to keep your staff in the loop and on board. Any industry leader knows the secret to successful retention of quality staff is to have a positive company culture. These days, employees aren’t willing to deal with poor treatment or a toxic environment. If you’re looking to maximize your organization’s positive reputation, check out our tips on the importance of company culture.

Determine Your Values – and Don’t Stray

If your company stands for honesty, integrity or any other trait that adorns your organization’s HQ; you need to hold your staff to that same standard. Anyone can proclaim their love of the customer and offer to bend over backward, but you must follow through on anything your company proclaims. Think about Wells Fargo within the past year. Although they’ve historically touted a devotion to ethics and customer service, their recent scandal shows they don’t stay true to their values. The bottom line is when you say your staff holds up to specific values, you need to be certain it’s true. Talk to your team about what you think is essential, and how that fits in with the virtues of your organization.

Focus on Fit

When you initiate the hiring process, avoid making a rash decision and inviting someone to join the team that isn’t the right fit. Put your company’s culture at the top of your priority list when you’re considering the implications of hiring someone who just fits the description. Hiring a person who will really fit in with your company culture lowers the likelihood of a tense work environment or co-worker conflicts. Take culture seriously: Most workers who leave their jobs do so because of a negative company culture.

Hold Everyone Accountable

When you establish a certain company culture, be sure everyone adheres to it. If the pillars of your company involve terrific customer service, you need to guarantee all employees are treating clients with respect and doing everything they can to meet their needs. The best way to make sure your company culture is enforced is to make it part of the onboarding process. Training materials should always include information about the company’s history and its culture. Accountability also pertains to the leadership. If you don’t treat your clients or employees with the respect the company preaches, your staff won’t feel inspired to perform their best. Lead by example, no matter what comes up.

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