How to Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

So, you’re determined to be a smart, effective leader. You’ve got a library full of motivational handbooks, inspiring quotes on your office walls and you’ve participated in every workshop and conference available to build your leadership abilities. Here’s the big industry secret you’ve been missing: None of your preparation matters if you don’t cultivate a coachable team. If your workers don’t feel appreciated, they won’t succeed. That’s not good for your bottom line. To stand out as an effective leader, follow our tips on how to make your team feel valued.

Challenge Your Staff

If you set the bar high for your employees, you may be surprised to find they exceed your expectations. If you walk into the office and sense your people aren’t feeling motivated, inspire them! It’s possible your staff feels stagnant repeating the same day-to-day tasks and are looking for a new outlet for their effort. Encourage innovation and communication to improve the culture of your organization. Create a new challenge for your employees, whether it’s work-related or not. A competition within your customer service department to see who can resolve the most issues can be effective. Or, consider a more creative challenge that will help your workers unwind, like a contest to see which staff member can get the most steps in a week. Wellness challenges have the added benefit of encouraging your staff to stay active and healthy, which can improve team morale.

Create Camaraderie

What your workers need is a sense of cooperation. If your staff members don’t feel the team spirit, productivity can seriously suffer. It’s essential to develop ways to make your employees feel like they can trust one another and make a connection in the workplace. Weekly or monthly staff meetings can be a great way to make sure the entire group gets together regularly to celebrate their accomplishments and discuss upcoming projects. If you’re looking for a laid-back approach, organize a happy hour or fun team-building activity. There are so many options that can work for your group, from an athletic event to a creative activity. Whether it’s a summer kickball league or a karaoke night, you’ll encourage communication, support and friendliness within your workforce.

Praise Your People

To get the best out of your people, the drill-sergeant mentality isn’t typically the most effective. Workers often benefit from praise rather than criticism, so embrace your more compassionate side. One of the best ways to show your employees you value them is to give specific compliments about their work. It’s not enough to tell a staff member to “keep up the good work” as you rush past their desk. Try building your compliment to maximize its power:
“Hi Jess, I saw the work you put into the presentation on Friday and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your dedication to the client. Your attention to detail was impressive and we’re glad to have you on our team.”
A compliment like this shows you know how hard your people work and are willing to reward exceptional work. Praise should also always be given individually for maximum effect. Hearing that the group did well isn’t necessarily inspirational. Take the time out of your day to personally congratulate someone for their hard work, and you’ll see a positive response.

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