In an ever-evolving marketplace, technology and creative fields are changing the way the service industry works. Many different career paths include more and more innovation and networking opportunities. But can social media be a practical tool to propel your career forward? The short answer: It depends. Read on to learn how your experience may be applied to different kinds of positions. Maybe your social savvy can get you a step ahead of the competition.

Company Culture

If you’re applying to a new position, do your research and find out what the environment of the business is like. If they’re looking for a professional with a mastery of engaging social interaction, create an immersive video to show them. If you’re striving for a more conservative sector, a Twitter account full of thoughtful industry insights can set you apart and show you’re not the type to just clock in and clock out.

Social Media Style

Your funniest tweets should not be included in your claim to social media experience. Be realistic about what matters and what doesn’t in your field. It can be great to publish insightful articles on LinkedIn, but what really counts is creating connections. To evolve your career by taking advantage of social media, it’s essential to create content rather than just reposting it. Start a discussion or give feedback to show you are invested in the work of others, to impress a potential employer.

Expand Your Presence

LinkedIn is great for making connections, but it’s also a great tool to showcase your best work. Begin with a complete profile featuring a professional picture and an accurate resume with previous work information. To maximize your presence in the digital job market, provide lots of information on your work, including a portfolio or examples of content. Bringing your best work to the table will show employers you mean business, and you never know if a recruiter may be interested in your page.

Leverage your abilities, especially when it comes to applying to new jobs or changing positions. Social media can be the key to unlocking your dream career, so don’t be shy. For more resources on expanding your opportunities in the workforce or finding the right position for your skill set, reach out to Job Store Staffing today.

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