How to Keep Your Employees Engaged During the Holiday Season

The holidays can generate a lot of emotions: excitement, stress, and distracted – just to name a few. However, it’s important to keep your team focused year-round. An inefficient and non-productive team is one that wastes your money. You need to be able to trust your workers to get the job done despite distractions, and work to keep your staff engaged.

Great Expectations

Set goals and make sure your staff knows what to expect. If you tend to decelerate and can afford to give your employees some slack when the holidays come around, encourage them to lessen their load and create a relaxed atmosphere. If you’re going to be in a crunch due to a project pile-up or the end of a fiscal year, be direct and make sure staff knows they’re going to have to buckle down and practice time management. Consider a quota system, or the promise of a holiday reward if they meet the goals you set.


When times are stressful, be sure you are giving your people the tools they need to succeed. Ask your staff if they need anything, from practical materials like staples to abstract assistance in the form of more training or experiential learning. To have the best professional team, you need to provide them with the best professional opportunities. Show your workers that you appreciate them, and are willing to encourage their growth


Be honest about expectations and never forget that communication is a two-way street. Keeping in touch during the holiday season is especially important when illness, weather, and other events may keep your employees from work. Set up a game plan so that you’ll be able to cover all projects, anticipating setbacks.

Create a Home Away From Home

Around the holidays, people are looking forward to spending time with family and being at home with loved ones. It can be really difficult for employees to keep their eyes on the prize and focus on the work you assign. Help inspire your people by creating holiday cheer and making the office a comfortable spot to be productive.
Fostering a positive environment at the end of the year can be difficult, but it’s essential to keep your team focused and enhance the company culture to show your employees you care. To find the best employees that will enhance your company, contact the experts at Job Store Staffing today.

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