Don't Leave Your Interview Without Asking These Five Questions

As you look for new career opportunities, you want to be prepared for every possibility. To impress your interviewer and leave the company feeling confident, it’s essential to ask the right questions. As you apply to a job you are excited about, bear in mind they want to be excited about candidates as well. To perform successfully during an interview, you must assess the situation and react appropriately. Here’s what you need to prepare for an upcoming interview:

1.    How is conflict handled at this organization?

To gain an understanding of the company culture, it’s great to ask questions like this one. You can also ask about flexibility or the company’s environment. Ask the hiring manager how crisis is resolved to get a better feel for your potential colleagues. Are the people quick and decisive, or do they try to methodically come up with a diplomatic solution to any issues that may arise?

2.    What is a typical day at the company look like?

This is a great question not only because it enables you to envision your role at the organization, it also gives a true picture of what your responsibilities will be. If you’re looking forward to coordinating initiatives with colleagues, but your first task of the day includes coffee for the CEO, you’ll have a better grasp of what’s expected of you. It can be an important aspect of the job market. Weigh how comfortable you will be with the people and the processes at this company.

3.    How will my performance be evaluated?

Although this question may not be something you’d think of, it’s essential to be aware of how you will be assessed in your position at the company. The way your performance is measured dictates the way you do your job. Having an idea of what evaluations will entail can inform how employees are treated and what your supervisor’s priorities are.

4.    What opportunities are available for professional development?

An employee interested in career advancement or extended education is a beacon of hope for employers. Expressing a desire to expand your skill set and continue your training shows ambition and commitment, some of the most sought-after traits in the industry. Ask if you’ll be able to represent the company at expositions, or if you will to participate in classes or workshops to stay competitive with other companies.

5.    What are the next steps?

This question shows active engagement in the hiring process. It may leave the door open for a second interview or job offer. Also, if the company is seeking additional documentation or references, they’ll tell you now.
It’s important to never walk away from an interview without asking these questions. Even if some variations of these five questions are answered by your interviewer, you always want to ask something thoughtful. When the hiring manager asks if you have any questions, saying no can seem like you’re not invested in the company or not interested in moving forward.
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