Promoting a healthy business includes the health and well-being of your employees. More companies are supporting work place wellness initiatives as a way to take care of their workers, their brand, and their bottom line. Here are some reasons why your company should support a workplace wellness initiative.

Better Productivity

Healthy people who exercise, eat right, and have an overall better sense of well-being are more productive. They are able to concentrate better and for extended periods of time. People are able to learn at a faster pace and retain that knowledge longer. They are also more creative if they exercise on a regular basis.

Improved Morale

Exercise is known to release endorphins, which improve mood. Employees in better moods and work better with their co-workers. Enhance this with activities such as yoga and encourage a healthy diet and you will have a happy and productive work environment.

Reduced Absenteeism

Healthy employees tend to get sick less and recover faster when they do fall ill. With employees who are well adjusted, content, and healthy, your employee absentee rate will decrease, which will allow your company to remain productive. It will also decrease the time and money spent on trying to find temporary employees who can help fill in for employees on extended sick leave.

Return on Investment

When it comes to looking at ROI, it is important to look at all the numbers and not just hard figures from installing a weight room or purchasing standing desks for employees. When you consider the increased productivity you receive from a staff that is more industrious, works better with co-workers, and is absent less, you will find the ROI for a workplace wellness initiative far exceeds the investment.

There are many ways companies can implement a work place wellness initiative. You can negotiate a deal on gym memberships at a local fitness center. You can purchase stability balls, standing desks or vending machines filled with healthy snacks. You can offer yoga classes people can attend during their lunch breaks or create a walking path around the building.

A healthy workplace, is a happy workplace and your employees will be absent less while working more. If you find that you need to fill an open position, quality candidates will be attracted to the environment you have established with your workplace wellness initiative. And you can contact us for more tips on finding candidates who want to be a part of a company focused on wellness.

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