9 Essential Skills You Must Have to Be a Great Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants have to possess many different skills. Because their main responsibilities include keeping their boss and the office organized, administrative assistants have to be managers and supporters. If you can keep an office running efficiently and your boss organized, you can have a future as an assistant to a high-ranking executive or government official. Here are nine essential skills you must have to be a great administrative assistant:

  • Organizational Skills: Administrative assistants have to multitask as they keep their boss and the office organized.
  • Time Management Skills: When you are an assistant, you need to make sure your boss completes all their tasks while ensuring that all administrative duties are accomplished proficiently.
  • Planning Skills: Help your boss by keeping their calendar and making sure they don’t have events that overlap. A manager that is double-booked with meetings will be frustrated and unable to work efficiently.
  • Office Management Skills: You will need to make sure that the office has all necessary supplies, equipment and staff to run smoothly.
  • People Management Skills: Often an administrative assistant has clerks or assistants under them. Managing staff, knowing how to delegate tasks, and honing your hiring skills will help improve performance and oversee all office activities.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Sometimes equipment breaks, your boss has a last-minute proposal or you need to determine how to complete a new project. When these things happen, you have to stay calm and think quickly while telling others what to do.
  • Communication Skills: You have to communicate with people up and down the organizational ladder, customers, and professionals from other companies.
  • Writing Skills: Administrative assistants need to be able to communicate in writing as well as verbally in the course of their duties. Assistants often have to write emails, reports and letters on a daily basis. Sometimes, administrative assistants also have to proofread content for their bosses in addition to writing content for managers or executives.
  • Computer Skills: Administrative assistants have to be able use computer software, Internet research, website creation and desktop publishing.

These nine skills will help you progress in your career as a great administrative assistant and help you have a successful career. If you are looking for your next administrative assistant position, contact us. Our advisors at Job Store can help you find a position that can help you leverage these nine essential skills for an executive or professional group.

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