Not all of your co-workers or managers are going to be a delight to work with. Some people you’ll be able to work with, even though their idiosyncrasies may irritate you. Other people, however, are so annoying that they create tension in the workplace and make it difficult for you to do your job. Here are some tips for handling your most annoying employees.

People Who Constantly Interrupt

Some people tend to dominate conversations and interrupt others when they try to speak. This type of employee can make it difficult to have productive meetings and irritate their co-workers when they are discussing working on tasks.

It may be the employee isn’t aware of how disruptive their constant interruptions are. When they start to interrupt you when you are speaking, politely stop them and ask them to let you finish your thought before they comment on what you are saying.  If they continue to interrupt you and their co-workers, you may need to take them aside and explain their behavior is unacceptable and they need to wait their turn during conversations.

People Who Act Like the Boss

People dislike managers who micromanage their work. What irritates people even more is when a co-worker behaves as though they are the manager and consistently meddles in their work. Micromanagers can interfere with work you have asked your employees to complete.

If you have an employee who consistently nitpicks the work of others, politely ask them to stop their behavior. Explain to them you are glad they are a conscientious worker, but their co-workers need to complete the tasks you asked them to do and this individuals behavior is interfering with that. You may also ask them to bring their ideas to you and you will implement that if you feel the ideas have merit. This way you are offering the person a positive outlet for their behavior while allowing other employees to get their work done in peace.

People Who Bully Their Co-Workers

Inappropriate behavior, such as harassment, isn’t tolerated in the workplace.  As a manager, it is your responsibility to make sure employees feel comfortable and safe at work. It is important that you monitor work interactions between employees, and if their behavior seems to be inappropriate, you should take the person aside and let them know what they did wasn’t proper work behavior.

If an employee comes to you because they feel that a co-worker’s behavior is inappropriate, take the matter seriously and handle it quickly. Speak with the person who is behaving unsuitably and ask them to explain their behavior. It may be that their actions were misconstrued or they said something they didn’t realize offended the other person.
You don’t always need to fire someone who is accused of bullying or harassing behavior, but you do need to address the issue and then monitor them to make sure they behave appropriately after you speak with them.

Not all of our employees will always be able to get along with each other all of the time. As a manager, you need to understand when employees can handle the situation themselves and when you may need to intercede to keep the work environment harmonious.

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