Some companies have multiple steps that must be completed in their interview process. These steps can include an email questionnaire, tests or phone interviews in order to determine if  a potential candidate is a good fit for the organization. A phone interview is one way a manager can create an initial opinion about an individual and whether they warrant consideration for an in-person interview. If you follow these tips, you will wow the hiring manager and move to the next round in the hiring process.

Choose Your Setting for the Interview

Most phone interviews are scheduled days in advance, which gives you ample time to select the ideal setting. Pick somewhere quiet and where you know that you won’t be interrupted or distracted during the call. Barking dogs, crying children or a busy Internet café will prevent you from devoting your attention to the interviewer, making it difficult for you to answer their questions.

Have a Copy of Your Resume Available

You will want to have a copy of your resume on hand during the phone interview so that you can refer to it as the interviewer asks you questions. Most interviewers will want to discuss key aspects of your resume, so make sure you are familiar with all aspects of your latest resume. If someone helped you draft your resume, you will want to review it ahead of time so that you won’t have to read it during the phone interview.

Be Able To Explain Your Job History

In addition to understanding key points in your resume, the interviewer will most likely ask you to walk them through your job transitions. Be ready to explain why you took a certain position, why you were there for a specific period of time, and why you left. This is especially important if you have changed jobs frequently, changed careers, or may have gaps in your employment history.

Don’t Gloss Over Rough Patches

Don’t try to gloss over rough patches in your job history. If you are a job hopper, inexperienced, or have employment gaps, you will need to find a way to justify these aspects about your professional life without going into a long and painful story. Practice what you are going to say when these topics crop up so that you can offer succinct answers. Then follow up with a question such as “do you want me to elaborate?” before supplying additional information.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

The manager isn’t just looking for you to answer their questions during a phone interview. They are also looking for glimpses into your temperament, personality and goals to determine if you are a good fit for their company. When answering questions during the phone interview, try to let your personality shine through to help the interviewer see who you really are.

A phone interview is often a vital part of the hiring process. Many good candidates never get to the final review process because they don’t know how to impress the manager during a phone interview. By choosing your setting carefully, knowing how to answer questions about your resume and letting your personality shine through, you will be able to fly over the hurdles that cause other candidates to stumble.

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